Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Turkey!

Ayden mouthed the words "trick or treat" and "thank you" until he got excited about the candy!!!

Isn't that the cutest little "turkey tail"!!!

Here are a few pictures from our "Halloween" tonight.  We had so much fun and Ayden was so cute and so excited!  

I am beat and am going to bed.....hope everyone had a fabulously fun and safe halloween!!  

Gobble Gobble!!!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

"A turkey. It says gobble gobble. It is in my closet at my house!"

So tomorrow will be Ayden's third halloween.  Yet again he will be another animal...A Turkey!!!  His first halloween he was a monkey, which isn't too surprising for anyone who knows me well.  I have collected monkeys since I was three.  Ayden's nursery was monkey themed so it only fit that his first halloween costume be a monkey.
His second halloween, he was Nemo.  And yes even though he was only 17 months at the time....he picked out his costume.  I know that that sounds crazy but it is true.  I am a big believer in giving kids choices and letting them decide.  I have been giving Ayden choices since before he was a year old.  He picked out his first birthday cake!!! We did a Curious George themed 1st birthday, I know again with the monkeys....anyway, I printed off four pictures of birthday cake ideas that I liked.  I showed them to Ayden in groups of two multiple times.  Each time I asked him which cake he liked.  Each time he picked the same picture.  I did this several days in a row just to make sure and still he picked the same picture!  
His second birthday, he picked the theme and the cake.  John Deere!  He had a tractor cake with a trailor just like the one he got for christmas last year.  Anyway this year he picked it at the bakery from a picture!
Anyway, back to halloween.  This year was a little difficult.  I was for sure that he would want to be Lightning McQueen with as infatuated with that movie as he is....but he didn't.  I started asking him a couple months ago what he wanted to be and he always said, "I just don't know Mommy!"  About a month ago I started looking online and showing him pictures to help him decide.  After days of looking, he said, "I can just be Ming Ming."  For those who don't know, Ming Ming is the duck from The Wonder Pets.  So for several days after that when we would look at pictures online he kept telling me that he wanted to be Ming Ming.  I began to try and find a Ming Ming costume in his size.  They DON"T have only goes up to 12 months!!! 
I had to break the news to him that it didn't come in his size......we began looking again! He finally decided that he want to be a Veggie Tale.  But not Bob the Tomato which was surprising with as much as Ayden loves to eat tomatoes!  No, he wanted to be Larry the I looked and they have it in toddler size.  The cheapest website said that it fit toddlers between 35 and 39 inches.  So I measured Ayden.  He might talk like he is three but he is quite small.  Hey look at his mom, he didn't have much hope!!!
Anyway, he was right at 35 inches.  I was afraid to order it and it be to long.  So I told him once again that it did not come in his size....To Toys R Us we went a few days later.  We looked around and I spied a turkey costume.  I asked if he wanted to try it on and he soon as he put it on he started giggling and running around.  It was so cute!!!! I asked if he wanted to be a turkey for halloween and he said, "Yes, a turkey says gobble gobble!"  So I took it off of him and we looked around a little  I continued to ask him if he wanted to be other things or the turkey and he continued to tell me that he wanted to be the turkey.  When we got home with the costume, he said, "We need to put it in my closet".  So we did and there it hangs.  Every time someone has asked him what he is going to be for halloween, his reply is, "A turkey.  It says gobble gobble.  It is in my closet and my house."
Anyway, I am excited for tomorrow.  We are going trunk or treating and then I don't know.  Maybe we will take him to the mall and let him trick or teat there too.  Where ever we can bet the thought inside my head and the heads of everyone who sees him will be "That is the cutest little Turkey I have ever seen."  I will try to get some pictures of him in his turkey costume up after tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Hello Blogging World...

So I thought I would give this a try.  I need an output sometimes to think through what goes on inside my head....
As I sit hear and type this, Ayden is behind me playing and naming the people he loves.  He makes my heart smile to hear him say, "I love you so much Mommy!"  I am so glad that God made me his mommy....he is my purpose in life!  
Sometimes I struggle to feel worthy enough but when I look at him, I know I am worthy of God's love and what great love he must have for me to give me such an awesome gift as be Ayden's mom!  This is just one of the thoughts inside my head....I will continue those thoughts another time...